2. Business Introduction

Business Introduction

Overseas Division


YANAGISAWA CO.,LTD is one of leading wholesales companies specializing in measuring instruments in Japan.
For the past decades, we have devoted our energy to building a good business partnership with customers all over Japan. Currently, we have over 1400 customers and are keeping on making effort to give as good services as possible through daily communications. Yanagisawa’s long history and experience is not only invaluable treasure and but also great asset which we are very proud of.
With the long history and experience in measuring instruments, we started export business twenty one years ago.
At that time, we had customers only in Asia region. But now, we have customers in many regions.

For the past fourteen years, we have faced so many various difficulties like special laws for overseas business, difference of cultural backgrounds and business practices as we cannot count.
Even in this hard environment, thanks to support and trust from our valuable customers, YANAGISAWA could keep trying to do our best.

In 2017, YANAGISAWACO.,LTD. will have 50th anniversary.
Also, our overseas sales division will have fifteen- year history.
As next step after these fifteen years, we will try to make further progress.
We already started preparation for it.
For further success of our long-term customers and for new start of business with potential customers who we may meet in near future, we are ready to improve ourselves more and more.

Our customers all over the world






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