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【For manufacturing with high quality, reliable measuring instruments are indispensable.】

This is a thought which YANAGISAWA CO.,LTD. has taken as our firmed policy since establishment of the company.
In accordance with the thought, we have concentrated on sales of measuring instruments consistently.
The further technologies evolve, the more precise, smaller all measurement instruments are required to be.
Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of measuring instruments than in the past.
In this environment, our role as specialist of measuring instruments is getting more important than ever.
When we started, our sales area was limited only in Japan. But now, we have customers all over the world.
Thanks to all our customers, YANAGISAWA CO.,LTD. has been able to continue growing up.
This year 2023, it is the 56th years since establishment in December 1967.
It has been a long way and we thank all of people who have supported us.
To contribute to all our customers, we are going to continue evolving.


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